An outcome to be proud over

About two years ago Coeli started to collaborate with the organization Hand in Hand, an organization with the philosophy “help to self-help”, which aims to prevent poverty in various parts of the world.

The collaboration means that Coeli together with a few clients donates money to a so-called village donations program. The focus of the local Hand in Hand-organization has during the past two years been to educate and support women to be able to financially provide for their families, making sure children are attending school and not working, educate the villagers in health care, waste management, recycling, planning trees, purifying water, and establishing a town hall where the villagers can access information regarding civil rights and also get basic computer training.

“Our” village Pipliya Kamin in the Madhya Pradesh area in central India, with its 1 700 residents, has after these two years taken a huge step forward in the attempts to decrease and prevent poverty.

The program has led to that 122 women have been educated in areas that involve entrepreneurship, leadership, economy, etc. There are now about 70 smaller start-up businesses – from running stores, growing vegetables and spices, to managing goat farms. This has led to more jobs available and a positive effect for 106 families in the village. Educational assistance and help has been given to the children that previously did not attended school. Now all the children in the village are going to the local school, and there is no more child labor. The attempts in educating and spreading knowledge about health care have led to the villagers being more aware how to improve their lifestyle and thus staying healthier. Increased knowledge in ranching and how to farm the land to fullest capacity has led to more families has secured their source of income.

It is thanks to our support all this was possible. Moving mountains are possible, you just have to use the right muscles.