Coeli Altrua Macro

Smart market exposure with protection against large draw-downs

Coeli Altrua Macro Fund is designed to provide a dynamic market exposure while using structured trades to capture exceptional opportunities and protect against large draw-downs. At the core of the strategy is a quant-fundamental process which dynamically allocates between equities, bonds and currencies to create an optimal macro portfolio based on the economic environment, valuation and trends. The core macro asset portfolio is augmented with option strategies and structured trades to capture tails on the down- and up-side. The combination of dynamic asset allocation and tail risk protection is intended to generate a powerful compounded excess return effect through the macro cycle. By implementing the strategy in the most liquid and exchange traded instruments the fund offers a daily traded and transparent product.

Fund Overview

Inception Date


Portfolio Managers

Namik Immelbäck and Filip Kozlowski

Investment universe

Hedge Fund

Minimum investment

(I SEK) = 10 000 000 SEK

Investment management fee

Up to 1.00% p.a

Subscription/redemption fee




KEEP IN MIND. Fund investments are associated with risk. Past performance should not be seen as a guarantee of future returns. Investments can both increase and decrease in value and you may not get your full investment back.

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