Past performance

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. The price of the investment may go up or down and an investor may not get back the amount originally invested.

Equity funds

Equity funds

An equity fund mainly invests in equities. The fund’s change in value depends on the development of the equities the fund invests in. The value in an equity fund varies over time, more so than other funds, such as fixed income funds and multi asset funds. Equity funds have higher risk, but also the potential of higher return on investments. Coeli offers equity funds with global exposure, as well as exposure towards frontier markets.


Coeli Frontier Markets

On the frontier of equity markets

BMC Global Select

Equity fund with global scope

BMC Global Small Cap Select

Equity fund with global scope

Coeli Circulus

World’s largest purchase order

Coeli European

European equity fund focusing on small and midcaps

Coeli Circulus America Small Cap

Hem Our funds Equity funds