Coeli Frontier Markets

On the frontier of equity markets

The fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in companies within the global Frontier Markets universe. The strategy combines top-down country assessment with bottom-up stock selection to seek out high quality companies. Key selection criteria are sound underlying business fundamentals, prudent management with strong integrity, high return on capital and well-positioned to take advantage of the on-going structural changes in the Frontier Markets.

Fund Overview

Inception Date

2014-02-28 (fully operational 2014-05-30*)

Portfolio Managers

Hans-Henrik Skov & James Bannan

Investment universe

Global frontier markets equity fund

Annualized Return (Since Inc.)

(I EUR) = -9.4% (December 2020)

Minimum investment

(I EUR) = 1 000 000 EUR

Investment management fee

(I EUR) = 1.25 % p.a. + 10% Performance fee (MSCI Frontier Markets Index (USD))

Subscription/redemption fee




Swing factor

1.50% (as of 2020-09-30)


*The fund was first 100% invested and fully operational from 2014-05-30. Delayed access in a number of markets resulted in abnormally high cash levels being uninvested, averaging 30% from March till May. The maximum range is from 2014-05-30 as this is an applicable start date.

Portfolio Managers

Hans-Henrik Skov

James Bannan

Key Investor Information

Sustainability Information

For French investors only: Investors should note that, relative to the expectations of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, this [UCITS] presents disproportionate communication on the consideration of non-financial criteria in its investment policy.

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