Coeli Global Select

Equity fund with global scope

An equity fund that is global in scope. The strategy is designed to provide long-term capital growth by investing in companies all around the world. The fund focuses on global champions – high-value companies showing favorable future prospects, such as ability to increase earnings over time.

Actively managed global equity fund

  • Concentrated portfolio, 25-35 stocks
  • Strong historical returns
  • Does not invest in companies which produce alcohol, oil & gas, tobacco or military equipment (> than 5% of revenues)

Fund Overview

Inception Date


Portfolio Managers

Andreas Brock & Henrik Milton

Investment universe

Global equity fund

Annualized Return (Since Inc.)

(I EUR) = 20.4% (December 2020)

Minimum investment

(I EUR) = 2 000 000 EUR

Investment management fee

(I EUR) = 0.70% p.a. + 10% Performance fee (MSCI All Country World Daily Net Total return index)

Subscription/redemption fee



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