Coeli Likviditetsstrategi

Aiming for stable returns with controlled risk

Coeli Likviditetsstrategi is an actively managed fixed income fund that invests in money-market instruments and corporate bonds issued in the Nordic market. The fund offers investors exposure to a diversified portfolio with a balanced credit risk and a minimum interest-rate risk. Investments are preceded by traditional corporate analysis, with great importance attached to the company’s business model and their ability to deliver stable profitability.

Please note that the Swedish Based Likviditetsstrategi merged into Coeli SICAV I – Likviditetsstrategi on the 16th of February. This presentation regards  Coeli SICAV I – Likviditetsstrategi.

Fund Overview

Portfolio Manager

Gustav Fransson

Investment universe

Fixed Income Fund – Nordic money-market instruments and corporate bonds

Minimum investment

(R SEK) = 100 SEK

Investment management fee

(R SEK) = 0.20% p.a. + 20% Performance fee (OMRX T-Bill Index)

Subscription/redemption fee



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