Past performance

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. The price of the investment may go up or down and an investor may not get back the amount originally invested.

Coeli Multi Asset

Hedge fund with global focus

Coeli Multi Asset is a global hedge fund with main focus on systematic long / short investments in equities. The investment process aims to find undervalued quality stocks for investment as well as overvalued shares or low quality shares for shorting. The fund also invests part of the assets in market neutral global macro strategies within the asset classes of equities, fixed income and credit and currencies. The fund has a global focus and consists of a combination of about 80 percent systematic equity long / short strategies and about 20 percent market neutral global macro strategies. The purpose of the global macro strategies is to further diversify the fund through an additional source of uncorrelated alpha. The goal is to achieve a portfolio with favorable risk / return characteristics and low correlation to the equity and fixed income markets. Investments are made directly through the purchase of physical holdings and / or indirectly through financial derivative instruments. The fund uses derivatives extensively.







Fund Overview

Inception date


Fund Manager

Stefan Åsbrink

Investment universe

Hedge fund

Minimum investment

(I USD) = USD 1 000 000

Investment management fee

(I USD) = Up to 1,00 % p.a. + 20% Performance fee

Subscription/redemption fee



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