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Coeli’s active management makes a difference

A Swedish asset manager with the ambition to create attractive long term returns.

Investment Strategy

Our Portfolio Managers

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Our perspective is long term

Invest in our funds

Our portfolio managers make all investments based on thorough analysis and best judgement.

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A Swedish asset manager

About us

We create value for our customers by providing solutions to the most predictable return of investment as possible.

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Focus on frontier markets

Coeli Frontier Markets

Global Frontier Markets strategy, focusing on high quality, domestically-orientated companies benefitting from the on-going strong structural developments in these early stage markets.

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”World’s finest companies”

Coeli Global Select

Global strategy, focusing on long-term ownership of 25-35 high quality companies which are leaders in what they do, e.g. local or global champions.

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As we have previously announced, we have done a major system change over the weekend. We are currently working with updates in the system, which means that the latest changes in the depot can not be seen. We apologize for this and expect to be done during the Monday.