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A Swedish asset manager

Coeli is a Swedish asset manager that is trusted with managing more than 13 billion SEK of our customers’ money. We create value in our customers’ investments, to the most predictable return of investment as possible.

We turn to both professional and private investors, offering solutions based on their specific needs. Our customers are found around the globe.

Coeli Asset Management offers investors a comprehensive range of differentiated investment solutions including actively managed equities, single strategy hedge funds, real estate, Nordic private equity and discretionary mandates. Our real estate and private equity funds mean access to assets that are usually not accessable to private investors.

We have funds with different focus, Sweden, Nordics, US, frontier markets as well as with a global perspective. Our knowledge is essential to reduce the risk. With our competence we detect new opportunities and creates better risk diversification in our customers’ investement portfolios.

Coeli was founded 1994 and is today an organization with around 70 employees. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburgh, Malmö, Helsingborg, Uppsala and Örebro.

The name Coeli is inspired by Atlas Coeli, the first star map that shows the postition of the stars with precision and at the same time gives a complete picture. That is how we create value for our customers – with both precision and the complete picture in mind.


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