Past performance

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. The price of the investment may go up or down and an investor may not get back the amount originally invested.


Coeli is an active investor, asset manager and wealth manager. We create value through knowledge, innovation and growth. We strive to make a difference to people, capital and society by acting in the best interest of our clients, being brave and humble, and caring about each other, our society and our world.
For Coeli, sustainability is about perseverance, responsibility, trust and good business. We attach great importance to thorough analysis and facts to identify opportunities, manage risks and understand impacts from a holistic perspective. We work to constantly develop, build and improve and share what contributes to more value. We want to broaden our perspectives so that we put our focus where we can do the most good.

Our investments

As an active and responsible investor and asset manager, we provide a wide range of investments, funds and discretionary mandates in equities, fixed income and alternative assets. The name Coeli is inspired by Atlas Coeli, the first complete map of the stars that shows the positions of the stars in the sky with precision and creates a whole. We base our work on comprehensiveness and precision. This is when we can create the conditions for added value. We leave nothing to chance. The same applies to our investments and our asset management. We place great emphasis on careful analysis that considers environmental, social and governance aspects alongside financial factors in our due diligence and investment processes. We believe this helps us make well-informed decisions and prioritize areas where we can contribute to improvements and a positive outcome.

Our asset management

All our funds are actively managed, and all our managers and investment teams work with sustainability issues in their investment strategies and portfolios. But focus, themes, criteria and application differ depending on each investment philosophy, asset class and geographic market.

Our sustainable investing framework contains a Shared approach – applied by all investment teams, and a Strategy-specific approach – applied specifically by each investment team, and a Sustainable Investing Council – a forum where our investment teams share knowledge, discuss development, dilemmas, and collaboration, and help build a solid and scalable approach.

Our Shared approach contains the following four parts:

1. Integrate sustainability issues with financial key figures in our analysis and investment processes.

2. Engage with our portfolio holdings through dialogue, advocacy and voting.

3. Choose not to invest in weapons that are prohibited by international conventions, for example cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines.

4. Report and disclose our work on our website and in our reports.

In addition to our Shared approach, our funds and management teams apply their Strategy-specific approach which includes specific criteria, themes or focus areas.

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Discretionary portfolio management

Our discretionary portfolio management is a suitable solution for clients who wish to delegate the investment decisions concerning their assets to a dedicated manager. This means that, based on an agreed risk level, time horizon and the client’s specific preferences, we are given the mandate to make investment decisions on an ongoing basis within certain agreed frameworks. The discretionary management follows Coeli’s policy for sustainable investments.

Read more in Supplementary policy for discretionary management and advice.

Our wealth management

We provide carefully selected solutions in wealth management, where our clients’ unique needs and conditions are in focus. As advisors, we help our customers make informed decisions. Within the framework of the suitability assessment, our clients’ sustainability preferences are considered in our advice.

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Sustainability-related disclosures

In accordance with the EU regulations on sustainability-related information, we are obliged to report how our funds work with sustainability based on the EU’s established definitions for, for example, sustainable investment, sustainability risk, sustainability factors, consideration of main negative consequences for sustainability factors (so-called Principle Adverse Impacts / PAI).

Read more in our Sustainable investing policy and related documents below as well as for each of our funds.

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